Helping Others in Hardeman County

Helping Others in Hardeman County

The Health, Hunger and Hope Network is hosting a sweet potato distribution open to all residents of Hardeman County. First Baptist Church at 525 North Main Street, Middleton, will host the distribution to be held Thursday, March 2, beginning at 9 a.m.

While no pre-registration is required, there is a three-box limit per vehicle. The sweet potatoes will be in 40-pound boxes. Information on storage and recipes for using the sweet potatoes will be made available.

The Health, Hunger and Hope Network of volunteers was formed when the USDA Farmers-to-Families program ended. This distribution was coordinated with assistance from University of Tennessee Extension’s Hardeman Health Outreach. Partners include the Society of St. Andrews, a gleaning organization that received the sweet potatoes from a grower in Mississippi, and J.P. Shelly & Sons, who is providing forklifts for unloading of the delivery truck.

Organizations, such as churches, may request a larger number of boxes that they are welcome to distribute to those unable to drive to the location. In this situation, boxes may be reserved by calling Stephanie Middleton at 731-658-2421 or 910-770-5248 before the distribution date.

This project is funded by the CDC’s High Obesity Program (HOP) through The University of Tennessee Extension to improve access to food and physical activity opportunities throughout Hardeman County. For more information, go to @BeMoreHardeman on Facebook.