The twenty participants in the Middleton Elementary School Third Grade Spelling Bee are shown as they assembled for the competition which was held on Thursday March 10 in the school’s gym.

Middleton Elementary holds third grade spelling bee

Twenty third grade students at Middleton Elementary School competed in the school’s Third Grade Spelling Bee on Thursday, March 10. Lisa Lanier, teacher of one of the classes, organized the event. “We have four third grade classes. The contestants were the top five spellers in each class. They were picked by their grades,” she said. “Each participant received the word list three weeks ago so they could prepare.”
    Aren’t, baseball, and certain were three of the words that tripped up participants. Aunt, bumblebee, and caught were spelled correctly. Some words were only three letters. Others were a bit longer and some actually required an apostrophe.
    Participants were allowed one practice word to begin the competition. After six rounds, requiring the attempted spelling of over a hundred words, the contest was down to the two finalists, Addie Cumberland and Kayla Druien. Kayla missed “certain” which Addie then spelled correctly. She then spelled the bee’s winning word which was “chair”.

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