More Candidates=Less Voting?

Apparently, democracy isn’t as popular as it used to be in Hardeman County, even when there are lots of choices.
So far this year, voting pales to numbers in 2010, as 6,613 went to the polls for the General Election, with 3,534 voting early. There were only six competitive races that year in August.
In 2014, with 11 competitive races in the General Election, 2,785 voted early, adding to a total of 4,812 in August.
This year, through July 25, 2,332 have voted. Of the total, 1,110 voted in the Democratic Primary and 1,034 voted in the Republican Primary, with 188 voting only in the General Election.
With 13 competitive races on the ballot this year, surprisingly, the number of voters is projected to mirror 2014 much more than 2010.
Precinct locations are to the right, and the Hardeman County General Election Ballot and the State Primary Ballot is located on A8 and A9.
WMOD Radio (96.7) will broadcast election results live on August 2, beginning at 7:00 p..m.