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Looking Back at 150 years of news: Thank you Hardeman County

The Bolivar Bulletin-Times will conclude its celebration of 150 years being Hardeman County's news leader in next week's edition. In a very special presentation, The Bolivar Bulletin-Times will take a look back on some of those names and faces who have been associated with bringing you the news. From news reporters to paper boys, we will look back at many who are your neighbors, friends, and loved ones who have roots with the county's news leader and have been a key part of ensuring you receive the best. In addition, we will hear from some of those who gained their start in media at The Bolivar Bulletin-Times but you may recognize them in other news media now. You will not want to miss this special feature as we say 'thank you' for 150 years and we look forward to another wonderful 150 years of bringing you the best in news impacting Hardeman County.