Silerton Dedicates Park

Silerton Dedicates Park

Silerton held a celebration on June 4 as the town opened the Holly Beshires Memorial Park.

“It was great to be able to assist Silerton with funding through the Tennessee ThreeStar grant awarded to the county,” said Hardeman County Mayor Jimmy Sain. “The Holly Beshires Memorial Park exemplifies the close community that supports each other in all circumstances.”

Mayor Sain said the state grant helped with infrastructure for the park.

“We purchased over $10,000 in playground equipment and $5,000 in fencing and prep. This freed up Silerton funds to acquire additional property and the Hardeman County Highway Department cleared the property for the town. The project was a team effort for the community,” he said.

Holly Beshires was the daughter of Silerton Mayor Williard Beshires.

The pavilion at the park was dedicated to the memory and honor of long-time Silerton resident, postmaster and mayor Phyllis Naylor, who was honored with a bridge in Silerton dedicated to her memory this past March by the Hardeman County Commission.