Hardeman County Mayor Jimmy Sain and Bolivar Mayor Julian McTizic joined together to proclaim “Organ Donation Month” in both Bolivar and Hardeman County. The proclamation was read at the Hardeman County Clerk’s office that was decorated in blue and green commemorating organ donation.

Giving the Gift of Life: Organ Donor Month

April is Organ Donor Month and Angela Lambert shares her story:
On July 21, 2017, our world came crashing down when we got the call that my baby, the sweetest, most precious child, and my husband were involved in a tragic car crash that ended both of their lives way too soon. Kaitlyn Marie Lambert (pictured right), only 9 years old, passed away while my eldest daughter and I were holding on to her. Kaitlyn was such a sweet, caring, and loving soul who made sure she left a smile on everyone’s face.
“Do you want to donate Kaitlyn’s organs?” I looked at my two kids and sister who were standing by my side and my eldest daughter, Kelsey, nodded her head and said, “Yes, Mama. Kaitlyn made such a difference while she was here, why not let her live on?” Then I made the decision to donate my baby’s heart to save another child’s life and save the heartache and pain another parent might have to face.
For more information on organ donation go to donatelife.net