From the mailbox

Dear Editor,
I recently read an article regarding students being sent to jail for sagging their pants. While some may say the punishment was too harsh I think not.
There are two things that young people need to know about this trend; 1) its origin and 2) its health consequences.
The pant sagging trend was actually started in the California prison system in the late 60s. It was used as a signal from one inmate to the next that they were available to perform certain unsavory acts. I believe any trend that began in a penal system should stay there.
As to the health aspect, studies over recent years show that this trend is bad for the hips of those that follow the trend. Why? The abnormal way that one walks in order to keep the pants from falling completely down causes irregular wear patterns on the hip joint. Current data estimates that the young people following this trend will need hips replacements around age 35.
I guess instead of a hip replacement being something your grandparent needs it will be something your child needs.

Just some food for thought.
Bridget O’Neill
Lodi, Calif.