Hardeman Adoptable Animals Shelter Update

HAA is working diligently to ensure that 2019 is the year that we finally move into our forever home! We want to share an update with the community and our supporters. HAA would like to say a sincere thank you to Mr. Ken Hadley. Mr. Hadley has done a magnificent job getting the land set for detailed preparation for the slab. We have someone lined up to complete the work that he started on the site, which includes having footers dug, gravel set, and dirt work completed to assure all outside drainage will be directed away from both buildings. This work will begin on February 18. We are currently awaiting confirmation that the County can provide us with 35 tons of CR-610 crushed stone.
The next step is having the concrete slab poured that our new building will sit on. We are also working to finalize designs for the internal drainage system that can accommodate all of the dog kennels. We are looking into pre-formed trench drains that are able to hold up to the necessary cleaning agents and elimination. These are common drain types for such a building.
Electricity should be on in the administration building soon (the old flight school building), thanks to Ricky Ayers. We are working with BEA’s engineers and inspectors to ensure our buildings will be safe and up to code.

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