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Bolivar Gets New Pickup Line

It’s hard to get fired up about garbage, but Bolivar Mayor Julian McTizic is thrilled to see a new method of waste disposal come to the city.
“I’m so excited to finally see this awesome change for our city’s sanitation department,” said McTizic. “This is definitely a step into the future, no longer will our employees have to ride on the side of a truck in unsafe and hazardous weather conditions to collect residential trash instead they will be providing more manpower to mow right of ways, pick up litter, and our street sweeper will run daily. Most importantly the citizens will not see any increase in pickup fees. We are now in the early planning stages of offering these services to our small commercial users and county residents.”
New garbage containers will be distributed in the days prior to November 4, with instructions on placing it out for pickup and items that will be allowed to be thrown away detailed.
McTizic said no current full-time employees will lose jobs in the change, instead, temporary employees that did not have status as city employees would no longer be used. The savings come from a reduction in labor costs from $137,800 per year to $32,000 per annum for a single driver versus a driver and four employees.
The change was unanimously approved by the Bolivar City Council this past summer, according to McTizic.