Gary Gill as Burl Sanders; Kenny Brown as Dennis Sanders; Butch Wilson as Stanley Sanders; Julie Crangle as Denise Sanders & Robert Thearp as himself.

HCAC Theatrical Performances" Chapter 27 Part 3

The Sanders family gospel singers have really created a stir in this little country church. Christians they be, but cultured they ain't! The twins Dennis & Denise Sanders, put on cowboy hats, straddle wooden chairs backwards, rocking them back and forth as if riding a horse, as they sing "Christian Cowboy." Mother Vera is playing wooden clappers as sister June is playing the tambourine. The "amen corner" ladies are about to have a stroke, and then Dennis runs to the piano. Denise sits on top with legs crossed as they sing "dance-hall" style. Miss Maude faints right out of her "amen chair." Miss Myrtle jumps up and tries to revive her as the pastor runs over trying to calm them both down. The pastor explains they are just "happy in the Lord" and everything is ok, as Denise sings "I'll Never Die, I'll Just Change My Address." June is in her own world "SIGNING" and swaying like a Hula dancer as she writes in her hand, licks it and send her hand air-mail.
 Dennis Sanders is going to testify and preach for his first time behind the pulpit, but before he does, his mother Vera checks to see if he's cleaned behind his ears.....Kenny Brown can not hold his amusement of this "motherly act."  A child would be mortified, but an adult would be in stitches as was Kenny, however he composed himself and testified and preached like a pro.  
The Sanders family comes together to sing "Are You Washed In The Blood." and our cute June is hilarious again, with her own style of  "SIGNING". Every time they sang "washed" she acted like she was washing on an old scrum board, and when they sang "Lamb" she had both hands beside her head, wiggling her fingers. This cracked-up the audience every time. Next they sang 'There's Power In The Blood" and June would flex her muscles like Pop Eye! She was hysterical and the crowd loved her antics.
 Mother Vera (Wendy Siler) sang "There's A Fountain Flowing" and the family harmonized with her so beautifully. Next the family band got very "spirited," between the cabasa's shoop-shoop and the wash-boards buzzing, the tambourines ching-ching, the Sanders were swinging, swaying and dancing about enjoying the spirit, but the ladies in the "amen corner" were mortified with such goings on in their church. As they left the church in a huff, the pastor ran along behind them saying "It's ok, they are dancing in the spirit. It's in the Bible, playing tambourines and symbols, making a joyful noise unto the Lord." The Sanders family runs out of the church, not knowing if it's safe for them to sing and worship there.

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