Community News


The Silerton "Yard of the Month" sign for August was awarded to Mr. & Mrs. Johnson.  They live in the Wendell  Hooper’s old house.  Congratulations!


    Our prayer list is as follows: Grace and Bobby Bynum, Wilma Bynum, Cleo Snellings, Lee Carter, Novice Yopp, Curtis and Marjorie Hines, Margie Lovelace, Aurthur and Jo Bryson , Connie Dusek.


Prayer requests: Debi Brown, Roy Brumbelow, Helen Daniel, Leon Downen, Ron Grantham Jr., Bristol Harwood, John Henson, Dianne Hill, Gail Hobbs, Paul and Billie Ruth Howell, Virginia Johnson, Bro.


Hello to all.  Well school is in full force.   Hornsby Elementary had “Meet the Teachers” night along with its first PTO meeting.    

Grand Junction

Greetings, Grand Junction.  Hope everyone is enjoying this lovely, spring-like weather in August.  I know my electric bill is getting a big break this month.