Rudesill Gets 800th Coaching Win

As the Bolivar Central Lady Tigers cruised to a 64-36 win over Ripley on January 29, it had another significance: Bolivar Central Head Coach Rick Rudesill’s 800th coaching win.
“It’s so many more people than just the kids tonight,” said Rudesill. “And everybody enjoyed it knowing they were a part of it. It was kind of a surprise to our players, but I did let them know today at school what was going to happen tonight. But even the kids from the 700th win are in that picture and they can always see they were there that night.”
Rudesill’s 700th win came in 2015 against McNairy Central, with the boys victory over the Bobcats.
The 52-year old Rudesill came to Bolivar Central in 1996-1997 after five years at the University School of Jackson. After six years with the boys, he also took over the Bolivar Central girls program in 2002-2003.
His team at USJ, beginning in 1991-1992, was 65-75, and his overall record at Bolivar Central is 736-451.
With an overall coaching record of 801-526, Rudesill’s teams have won 60% of their games, and has a 62% winning record at Bolivar Central.
His boys teams have won three state championships, in 2003-2004, 2004-2005, and 2009-2010. His girls teams have made the Murfreesboro final eight twice.