Boxing Brings More than Rights and Lefts by Tawanda Wright Carr

Obie Beard, former Jackson Boxing Club champion boxer, responded affirmatively when invited by Bolivar Mayor Julian McTizic and City Councilman Jonathan Joy to bring Jackson Boxing Club to Bolivar. The objective is the give local residents, alternatives to street life. When asked how boxing helped him, Beard responded, “I have been boxing since I was 5. A rigorous training schedule left me no time to get into trouble”. Local residents need activities to help occupy idle time that is often used the wrong way. Obie Beard claims, “Idle minds have always been the Devil’s workshop!” A resident, seeking down time activities for her brother, was thrilled at the mention of the boxing club coming to the community. She stated, “I believe boxing is an alternative to unleashed aggression and could curtail or minimize the illicit use of firearms.” Every community wants to feel safe. Jackson Boxing Club has been helping youth shape their lives, learning discipline and self-respect, finding an outlet for anger and idleness, forming bonds and lasting memories, for over 50 years. What a legacy to bring to Bolivar.
Nostalgically, Beard looks back on his heyday as one of Jackson Boxing Club’s success stories, admitting that boxing took him to places he would never have seen, led him to experiences he would never have imagined possible.