Over 60 feet of decorated turkeys adorned the hallway of Middleton Elementary School as the school held the judging for its best dressed turkey contest. The family project included all students in grades K-6 and, obviously, was hugely successful.

Middleton Elementary involves families in Thanksgiving contest

Middleton Elementary School grades K-6 held a best dressed turkey contest during Thanksgiving week. “I was talking with one of our teachers who was helping a friend in another state. The friend told her about a contest they were having,” said Doris Keller, Principal. “I thought it was a really neat idea so we decided to have one also.”
“The project was basically a contest to decorate a turkey using any material, any motif, and any method the student desired. We sent each student home with a drawing of a turkey. Those simple instructions were attached along with a request that this be made into a family project,” Keller said. “We want our students’ families involved in their children’s education. This was a fun way to do that.”

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