Grand Junction Library Director Wanza Taylor has a full slate of activities for citizens of all ages. “We want to do more than interest people in reading. We want to help them in living fuller lives too” she said.

Grand Junction Library is much more than you might think

“We want the library to serve all of our citizens. From the cradle to the grave. We want to help them with all aspects of their lives. Not only reading but living also. Health, fitness, cooking, passing the Tennessee High School Equivalency Test, and computer skills are just some of the programs we now, and in the near future want to, make available in the community,” said Wanza Taylor, Library Director at the Grand Junction Community Library.
The city now has an active “Friends of the Library” organization working under the leadership of Karen Vinyard. “They help with fundraising efforts such as the “Million Penny” program going on right now. They support all of our other programs and activities,” said Taylor. “They meet here on the first Tuesday of each month at 6:30. It’s not a closed membership club. Anyone who is willing to help is welcome. Just show up.”
There is a tutor available to work with students needing help with reading skills. There will be a summer reading program. Plans are being made to have after school volunteers help students with their homework. Taylor visits head start routinely to read to students.
“What was once the GED program is now the Tennessee High School Equivalency Test (HiSet).

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