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Fayette Academy’s Ecology Club makes donation to Memphis Zoo

Fayette Academy’s Ecology Club loves the Memphis Zoo and offers a helping hand as often as possible. When they learned of the zoo’s current project, Zambezi River Hippo Camp they wanted to help out with a donation. The club raised $250 by selling plants, sponsoring Fayette Academy’s Harvest Festival, and conducting a “Green” Fundraiser. Their donation will be acknowledged by a plaque in the main lobby of the facility. This is the last major exhibit to be completed in the zoo’s master plan. The $24 million dollar project is scheduled for completion this March and is expected to draw over one million visitors the first year..
The Ecology Club has had a working relationship with the Memphis Zoo since the inception of the Ecology Club in 2006. Ecology Club President, Melissa Rinks said, “We are excited about this new exhibit that provides a much needed change to the current hippo exhibit. The hippos will be able to sun and enjoy their spacious new exhibit instead of only a concrete pool.” Sponsor Donna Burrus has mixed feelings about animals in captivity but does believe that the Memphis Zoo does one of the best jobs providing more open exhibits for the animals. She went on to say that the need to educate the public about the amazing animals that live on Earth and are threatened or endangered is very important because without man’s help, many of these species will vanish in the wild - the Memphis Zoo does that so we are excited to be able to make our small contribution supporting this new and exciting exhibit.”

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