Arts Council offers scholarship

The Hardeman County Arts Council (HCAC) is offering a scholarship to a qualified high school senior from Bolivar Central and Middleton High.  Applications are now available in the counselor’s office.
The scholarship is open to seniors pursuing a college major or minor in the arts and/or related fields.  Degree programs in Art, Music, Drama, Dance, Literature, and Creative Writing, as well as teaching in these areas or related fields, will be taken into consideration.
Students interested in this scholarship are urged to contact their counselors for more information.  Applications must be returned to the counselors for approval and sign-off no later than Monday, April 11.  Late entries will not be considered.
A committee will review the applications and select the most qualified applicant.  The recipient will be notified by his/her counselor as soon as selection is made.  The scholarship is for $300.
Students, if you have any questions, leave your name, telephone number, and a clear message for Joan Henderson at the Arts Council Office (731-658-2787).