Hardeman County Sheriff’s Office Request for Sealed Bids

• Hardeman County Sheriff’s Office is in need of a new security camera system located at the Hardeman County Criminal Justice Complex.
• This system will integrate with all current cameras (66 analog in total).
• System must have 240 terabytes of RAID storage.
• System to include fourteen (14) additional, new multi-megapixel IP cameras installed.
• The new system must entail a complete takeover while maintaining current functionality.
• Video retention capacity of 6 months for all existing cameras as well as the new IP cameras, recording continuously, 24/7 or “Free-run.”
• All devices installed must have in-line surge protection as well as battery backup.
• Bid winner responsible for all parts and labor of new system for minimum of 12 months.
• Winner must be licensed in state of Tennessee for such work.
• Must have been in security business doing active work for a minimum of 8 years.
• Must have employed in its staff a TN Qualifying Agent.
• Must have factory-authorized certification on all equipment to be installed for a minimum of five full-time employees.
Full bid specifications available upon request if requesting party meets above minimum criteria.
Please contact Hardeman County Mayor’s Office for full bid specifications.
100 N. Main St.
Bolivar, Tn. 38008

Sealed Bids must be received no later than 10:00 AM on 7-16-18 at the Hardeman County Mayor’s Office at which time they will be opened. Hardeman County Government reserves the right to refuse any and/or all bids.