The Children’s Patriotic Festival included games for children, such as pulling a wagon with a miniature, pedal powered, tractor.

Residents attend Children’s Patriotic Festival in Bolivar

For the second year in a row, the City of Bolivar has hosted the Children’s Patriotic Festival in an attemptto provide activities for the  children while promoting patriotism for our nation. Residents from all across the county brought their children for a day of bouncy houses, food, sack races, basketball competitions, fi re department drills and competitions, as well as many demonstrations and prizes. Middleton resident Lissa Younker brought her four children to the festival for the fi rst time this year. Recently moved from Brownsville, Younker said her children enjoyed the games and prizes. “It was fun. The kids loved all the games, especially the sawdust thing and of course, the bouncy house,” said Younker. The sawdust pile, fi lled with hidden quarters, has become a favorite for children and adults seeking to dig through sawdust to fi nd hidden quarters. To view more please log in or subscribe to the digital edition.