Chickasaw State Park to preserve cabins, build new bridge, improve campground

NASHVILLE – Chickasaw State Park will soon begin the process of completing three key projects that will enhance its visitor experience. These improvements include preserving vacation cabins, building a new bridge across Lake Placid, and improving the campground area.
“We’re thrilled to get started on these projects that will not only enhance the user experience for today but preserve the cultural resources of the past,” TDEC Deputy Commissioner Brock Hill said. “Chickasaw is a great place to experience nature and history, and that experience is about to get even better.”
Chickasaw State Park was named for the Chickasaw Indians who once inhabited West Tennessee and North Mississippi. The 1,400 acres of land located in West Tennessee along the border of Hardeman and Chester Counties was one of Tennessee’s 20 New Deal-era state parks. The territory became a state park in 1955 when all park duties returned to state control, and the park and forest lands were deeded to the state.
“These are great investments for Chickasaw State Park and the people of Chester County,” Tennessee State Representative Steve McDaniel said. “These projects will protect our history and culture while providing much-needed structural improvements to the park – a formula we hope will attract more visitors to our region.”
“Chickasaw State Park has been a staple of Chester County family life for decades,” Tennessee State Senator Dolores Gresham said. “In addition to preserving our past, Tennessee State Parks promote active and healthy lifestyles and are a key ingredient in creating vibrant communities. Chickasaw State Park will continue to pay dividends for the people of our region moving forward.”
 Listed below are more details about the improvements:  
Cabin Renovations
Chickasaw will have eight cabins renovated. The vacation cabins at Chickasaw were built in the mid-1930’s by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) and the Works Progress Administration (WPA) as part of Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s New Deal Program. The various New Deal agencies employed thousands of men and women during the Great Depression. The cabins are now 80 years old and represent a significant time in national history. 
The protection and preservation of the historical attributes of the cabins will be the prime directive of the renovation effort. Nevertheless, the Depression-Era cabins have suffered a long time from deferred maintenance and will be renovated to provide modern amenities.
Chickasaw Bridge Replacement
The 700 ft. pedestrian bridge across Lake Placid at Chickasaw State Park will be replaced with a new bridge that will be ADA compliant. The bridge is the only direct pedestrian route between the northern and southern sides of Chickasaw State Park, and is a key attraction for visitors.
Chickasaw Campground Upgrades
The Chickasaw RV, tent, and Wrangler campgrounds, including site utilities and restrooms, will be upgraded. The current campground infrastructure is aged and has accumulated substantial deferred maintenance.