NOTICE OF CHANGE - Hardeman County Solid Waste and Landfill Payment

The Hardeman County Solid Waste and Landfill office will NO LONGER be accepting CASH for the monthly payment. Residents of the county are now being required to pay their monthly fee with a money order or check. According to Hardeman County Mayor Jimmy Sain, the change comes as a result of recommendations provided to the county by the State of Tennessee to do away with accepting cash as payment.


*Update: Mayor Jimmy Sain is expected to provide more information regarding the changes, including the date of the relocation of the landfill office where residents will soon pay their bills, within the next week.


* NOTE: The original notice stated that debit/credit cards would be accepted as payment but according to Mayor Sain, the county will not accept debit/credit cards at this time. The only forms of payment the county will accept currently is check or money order.

* The Bulletin-Times will sit down with Mayor Sain and discuss the changes, the reasons, and purposes behind these changes, as well as how long these changes are expected to last OR if this is a permanent change for the county, in next week's Bulletin-Times.