Marsha Blackburn meets with citizens in Bolivar

"We have apprehended people from 75 different countries on the southern border. That's just the ones we've caught," said Congressman Marsha Blackburn. "You have got to put the National Guard on the southern border. That bill is sitting on Harry Reid's desk."

Congressman Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) had breakfast with some supporters this morning in Bolivar and then met with Healthcare professionals within the county. Topics of discussion and concern included healthcare issues, Medicare Advantage problems, along with discussions at breakfast about the nation's debt (including who the country owes money to), her efforts on behalf of the military and veterans to increase healthcare coverage and options, bills passed by the House of Representatives which are sitting on Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's (D-NV) desk with no action, the multiple lawsuits Congress is currently pursuing against President Obama, as well as President Obama having been warned about ISIS over a year ago prior to the recent terrorist acts which have captured national attention, and more. We will have complete coverage of both visits by Congressman Blackburn (breakfast with supporters and meeting with healthcare professionals) in next week's Bulletin-Times as well as video coverage on