BREAKING: Sain apologizes for county 'not doing our job'

After taking office less than a year ago and encountering multiple problems, including large financial barriers, Hardeman County Mayor Jimmy Sain announced changes coming to the Hardeman County Solid Waste and Landfill billing system. The changes, according to Sain, are a result of the county not enforcing a policy put in place two years ago.

Sain said the policy was if the renter of property did not pay the landfill fee for three months, after three months the property owner would be notified the bill has not been paid. However, the notification of unpaid bills had not been taking place until Sain took office. As a result, when the county began issuing bills to property owners for unpaid landfill fees from renters, bills were ranging from $200 up to $600.

In an effort to correct the problem of unpaid fees, the county will begin billing the property owners and it will be up to the property owners to find a way to collect the fee from the renters.

The Bulletin-Times will have the complete story in next week's issue as to how this change may impact you.

“I apologize we didn’t do our job,” Sain said. “The land owners should have been notified and were not. The Director of Solid Waste was given that responsibility to make sure it happened and it did not.”