BREAKING NEWS: Sain announces Hospital Wing services for every citizen at no cost to the resident

Hardeman County Mayor Jimmy Sain held a public contract signing with Hospital Wing on Saturday, October 18, to provide Hospital WIng services for every resident of the county at no cost to the citizen. Under the county wide membership, Hospital Wing will provide services for each resident of the county without billing the resident. The services, according to Sain and Hardeman County Sheriff John Doolen, are paid for through the county's drug fund.

Sain said not only does the service now guarantee every resident of the county the services needed in life threatening emergencies, but it relieves the patient and the patient's family from the stress of receiving an expensive bill for the med-evac. In addition, by using the confiscated drug money, it ensures that money from illegal drug transactions will be turned around and used to provide a necessary and crucial service to every citizen of Hardeman County.

For complete coverage of the announcement and more on Hospital Wing, catch next week's Bulletin-Times.