Photo: Hardeman County Mayor Jimmy Sain, Toone Mayor Jackie Kelley, Bolivar Mayor Julian McTizic, Larry Leathers, James Howell, Emma McAthur, Hoot and Diesel join the group from Fort Bragg. Photo by Sarah Rice.

Giving Back to Those Who Gave

Soldiers from the Fort Bragg Ducks Unlimited in Fayetteville, NC were guests of Hardeman County and Ricky “Hoot” Hazelgrove for a few days of food, fellowship, and duck hunting the second week in January.
“A few months ago, I got a call from Justin Paul Albert of Ducks Unlimited interested in having some purple heart recipients go duck hunting,” said Hazelgrove, who served in the Marine Corps. “I jumped over that.”
The Fort Bragg Ducks Unlimited Chapter 194, also known as the Purple Heart Quacker Smackers, operates out of Linden, NC.
“We hope to do it again,” said Hazelgrove, adding different veterans would probably come to the next outing.
Hoot’s description of the outing can be found on A7.