County/City Marriage on the Rocks?

The City of Bolivar expects to receive notice in the coming weeks that Hardeman County will not expect the city to share the recently opened EMS Building for a Bolivar Fire Department annex.
“We’re waiting on a letter to make it official,” said Bolivar Mayor Julian McTizic.
In December of 2018, the county opened the 22,400 square foot facility, built at a cost of approximately $980,000, for an EMS/Fire Station annex combination building, but Bolivar balked at completing the deal, citing an inadequate workspace, including lack of floor drains, for the fire station and a need for more work to be done to get it ready for them. Nineteen separate needs were listed in a packet sent to the county and to each Hardeman County Commissioner.
Hardeman County Mayor Jimmy Sain said he thinks it will work out for the county.
“We built that building like TLM designed it for a fire station, per (former Mayor) Barrett Stevens’ instructions,” he said. “They don’t like the building, but we’re good with it. We’ve got another source that we are negotiating with. We’ve got an opportunity to lease it out annually, with no end date.”
Former Mayor Stevens disputes that he had anything to do with the