Sain receiving ThreeStar Award from Governor Haslam

County Receives ThreeStar Award

The State of Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development has announced the ThreeStar Competitive Grant Awards for Fiscal Year 2017/18. Thirty-one counties will receive $25,000.00 and Hardeman County is one of them. In the past, each ThreeStar County received $10,000.00 upon application. This is the first year that the grant was raised to $25,000.00 and made competitive. Hardeman County Mayor Sain stated, "I am very proud that we were chosen for the grant. I will utilize the funds to continue the Work Ethics/Workforce Development Classes, Workforce Clean Records program, Health and Welfare programs, updating and maintenance on the county's website. It is vital to our economy to have a trained available workforce ready to go to work. I would like to thank Governor Haslam, Commissioner Rolfe, Senator Gresham, Representative Shaw and Representative Gant for supporting Hardeman County and our efforts to prepare it for competitiveness and economic development."