From the mailbox

Dear Editor,
    Gay’s Automotive has been in operation in Bolivar for the last 40 years. During the last two decades, I have continued to absorb the rising cost of providing my employees with healthcare coverage. It’s challenging to continue to offer this benefit when premiums increase by 15-20 percent every year. Tennessee small businesses cannot afford higher health insurance costs, and we need our elected officials to be on our side.
    The number one thing I look at when seeking out insurance is what coverage I will be getting for my money. The second factor that I consider is the affordability of the coverage. When shopping for health insurance, I want to be with a provider that has a good reputation and one that will provide my employees with coverage during times of need. Overall, our plan is balanced and provides us with reasonable coverage at an acceptable price. Every business owner should have the same opportunity to choose a health plan that best fits their needs. This will not happen if some policymakers get their way.
    Moving forward, it is very important for the government to stay out of the healthcare industry. High-value, small-network plans are some of the most affordable on the market. Small businesses need this option. If these plans are taken off the market due to new government regulations, the burden will fall on the employees. Business owners will not roll over and give their businesses away, and employees will have to cover the cost of more expensive healthcare.
    If additional government regulations are successful at eliminating the less expensive, small-network health plans, the cost of healthcare will increase. I know that my employees would feel the impact and that’s not right. Over the last two decades, I have found a way to cope with the increasing cost of health insurance. However, small businesses everywhere are struggling to stay open, and it’s not the time to eliminate lower-cost insurance options. In order to keep small businesses, like mine, in operation for many years to come, our elected officials must consider the negative impact of limiting health insurance choices.
Gerald Gay, Owner
Gay’s Automotive