From the mailbox

Dear Editor,
 Last week there was an editorial in the 'other' paper that called news coverage of the ecumenical Advent Service by three local churches 'disrespectful'. As a member of one of those churches, and one who participated in the service, let me explain why news coverage of these activities is so important.
In a world where the only time religion seems to be mentioned is when you are talking about terrorism, it is crucial we continue to recognize there are those who worship the Lord Jesus Christ and are proud to do so.
The service is always opened to the public, just as our faith is open to everyone. Our faith should not be 'private' because that is the problem. Society tells us to keep our 'faith' to ourselves because we might just offend someone.
The Bulletin has covered the Advent service for at least the last three years. No one has asked them to leave, put the camera down, or say it was 'private'. In fact, coverage is always welcomed and invited. After all, we need more Jesus and less complaining and criticizing.
"Now, let's be clear: Christmas programs with kids and shepherds, wise men and the Creche, get those cameras ready. That's fine with us." (County Journal's comments from last week)
Well, if it was 'fine', why has there been no front page stories on The Bethlehem Walk, the drive thru Nativity, the Singing Christmas Tree, or the small little country church with a handful of members who have their kids dressed up and perform a skit? You will find the Bulletin Times has been there through it all, covered it all, and shot photos of it all. That is truly 'history in the making' and ensuring it is recorded for generations to come.
 Amelia M. Carlson