From the mailbox

To the editor:
I noticed in the August 12 edition that Bill Stone commented on some cleanup done by the city even writing “How lovely our town looks” and encouraged everyone to spruce up our town. I dare to say it is far from looking lovely; although, I commend Bill for his dedication to keeping our news favorable and encouragement for all to participate in all events. Good job Bill.
I believe that I am the eldest native still living here having passed my ninth decade. I remember our small town when it was pristine, or so it seemed to me. We had “Silk Stocking Avenue” (Washington Avenue) and “Pauper’s Alley” (Hardeman Street) where I was born and still reside. These streets were named by Pugh Patterson our beloved neighbor. I now reside in the third home on this same property. Many remember those street names.
It grieves me to see the condition our lovely little old town has become. Long ago as I was growing up, we had side walks everywhere, a few cars or horses and mules were used for transportation and we bicycled or walked to school.

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