From the mailbox

Bravo Mr. Mayor
I could not have said it better myself. No secretary at the sheriffs’ department should make more than a first year deputy. I can say that because my brother-n-law (which was my best friend at Ft. Campbell first) is sitting at a nursing home in Jackson, Tn., Paralyzed from chest down while being a deputy.
What you didn’t mention Mr. Mayor is, how much the secretaries are paid at the Mayors’ office. I do agree Mr. Mayor. NO secretary should be paid more than a deputy. Including yours.
I have a solution. Get rid of the civilians ( sorry secretaries). Hire more deputies. Train them to do the job as well as being a deputy. Give Sheriff Doolen the tools, personnel and money he needs to do his job. I don’t think he gets Sunday mail delivery like some of the previous administrations.
As far as the landfill, I would like a response to this question. Why was personnel paid from a different fund? I know the answer. You should tell everyone else. Who authorized it and why.

Thank You,
David Taylor