From the mailbox

Dear Citizens, Business Owners and Stakeholders of Bolivar:
Let me begin by saying I have enjoyed serving you and I look forward to continued success. Although we may not agree on every issue; I try my hardest to make decisions that are logical and effective, which I feel will create a better Bolivar for each and everyone alike. Lately the actions of the council, in my opinion, have pushed us away from our goal. I have and I will continue to keep it my priority to be transparent and accessible. Having said that Ordinance 15-004 “Regarding Retail Sales of Intoxicating Liquors” needs further discussion and more input from citizens. I have requested that this issue be put on the August Council meeting, 8-11-15 which will include a public hearing as well. As it stands now, there are no limit regulations from a church, school or licensed childcare facility and it also limits every retail liquor store opened to the DEVCO Zone (downtown area).
In my opinion, the front steps to a place of worship or in a place were children are is not in the best interest of our city. I will be the first to admit that I look forward to having extra tax dollars in our general fund, but limiting retail stores to one small area of the city may very well cut back sales and less not forget safety.
My solutions to these problems are as follows: Amend Ordinance 15-004 “Regarding Retail Sale of Intoxicating Liquors” and add the same regulations that we currently have in our beer ordinance, which limits stores that sell beer to 500 feet from a church, school or licensed childcare facility. Take away the DEVCO Zoning limitations.
Join me in exercising your 1st Amendment Rights by voicing your opinions to your representatives and at the next council meeting, which will be August 11 at 5:30 at Bolivar City Hall.
Most sincerely,
Julian McTizic