The Hardeman County Planning Commissioners will meet on Tuesday 12, Dec., 2017 at 4:00 p.m. in the conference room at the Court House in regular session. On the agenda:

Mr. Glen Sisco is requesting to rezone 3.14 acres from {I-3} Rural Industrial District to {FAR} Forestry, Agriculture and Residential. The property address is 14760 Hwy 125 S. Bolivar Tn. MAP 098, Parcel 20.00. And a 2 acre tract from C-2.General commercial to {R} Residential. The property address is 14760 Hwy 125 S Bolivar, TN. and identified on Tax Map 098, Parcel 20.03. The purpose of the rezoning is to zone back to original zoning (FAR) and {R]. This property isn’t being used for commercial.

Mr. Vernon Byler is requesting to rezone 3.86 acres Map 027 Parcel 2.02. The property address is on Mt. Carmel Rd. Whiteville Tn. from {FAR} Forestry, Agriculture, and {I-1} Light industrial for a molding shop. Mr. Byler is also requesting to rezone 2 acres Map 027 Parcel 2.02 from {FAR] Forestry, Agriculture and Residential to {I-1}. Light Industrial. Property address is on Kinney Cemetery Ln. Whiteville Tn. This rezoning is for a saw blade repair shop.
Geneva Cossar, Zoning Compliance Officer