City of Middleton

The City of Middleton is accepting bids for the following equipment and services:

1) All weather sewer sampler, 115V 2.5 gallon bottle, Top Heater Sampler to include
a. All weather refrigerated cabinet with top heater
b. Composite tube support
c. Retainer and full bottle shut-off
2. HD Sewer Camera with rotate and tilt table, 200 feet of locatable 12mm pushrod. Must be compatible with Metrotech Locator and include a full query board.
3. Plumbing services for 60 by 90 foot building.
4. Electrical services for 60 by 90 foot building.
5. Build out construction services for 60 by 90 foot building.

Bids will be accepted on these two until noon September 12, 2019. Bids will be publicly open at that time at Middleton City Hall, 300 South Main Street, Middleton, TN 38052. (731) 376-8409. The City of Middleton reserves the right to accept or reject any and all bids.