Pursuant to Section 67-5-508, Tennessee Code Annotated, the property assessment records of Hardeman County will be available for public inspection in the Assessor’s Office during normal business hours. Any person desiring to inspect these records may do so at the appointed time and place.
The Hardeman County Board of Equalization will begin its annual session to examine and equalize the county assessment on June 1, 2018. THE BOARD WILL ACCEPT APPEALS FOR TAX YEAR 2018 ONLY UNTIL THE LAST DAY OF ITS 2018 REGULAR SESSION, WHICH WILL BE June 8, 2018. The Board will meet each weekday from the hours of 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. in the conference room of the County Courthouse. Any owner of property who wishes to make a complaint or appeal to the County Board of Equalization must appear before said Board at this time personally or by personal appearance of an agent for the owner bearing the owner’s written authorization. Failure to appear and appeal an assessment will result in the assessment becoming final without further right of appeal. Please call the Assessor’s office for an appointment. The number is 731-658-6522.