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Pulse Receives 3-Star Certification

Hardeman County Assessor of Property, Josh Pulse, was presented the 2019 Three Star Certification before the Tennessee Association of Assessing Officers at the fall regional seminars. The certificate was presented on behalf of the Tennessee Association of Assessing Officers by the executive director, Will Denami.
“The Three Star Certification is a professional standard of operations recognized by the Tennessee Association of Assessing Officers. The certification represents an operational analysis for compliance in the numerous standards monitored by the division of property assessments, as well as, a demonstrated commitment to continuing education. Josh Pulse continues to set an example for mass appraisal professionals across the state,” said Will Denami.
“Mass appraisal is a tough field because it is constantly changing. Personally, I enjoy the challenge and I am very fortunate to have such a strong team of dedicated professionals in the assessor’s office. I was raised believing that public service is a family value and I am humbled to be able to serve as the Hardeman County Assessor of Property. Our job in the assessor’s office is to treat all taxpayers fairly and equitably. We will make sure we meet our responsibility every day while focused on customer service,” said Josh Pulse.
The Three Star Certification is an annual certification process where each office of the assessor of property is independently reviewed for technical compliance by the comptroller’s division of property assessments. Each office must successfully complete the monitoring process and complete the necessary continuing education requirements for the Assessor of Property. Once the standards are met, the Assessor of Property submits application to the Tennessee Association of Assessing Officers for verification.
The Tennessee Association of Assessing Officers (TNAAO) is a professional organization composed of the elected officials serving as Assessors of Property in Tennessee. The TNAAO's purpose is to work on behalf of the people of our great state to ensure fairness and uniformity in statutes regarding the assessment of property, as well as, to promote excellence through best practices and professionalism amongst those charged with this vital task.