The Paveman Cometh

Preliminary work began on April 15 in preparations to “scrub seal” and “shadow pave” Highway 18 North from Market Street in Bolivar to the Hardeman County line near Medon.
“They started putting out signs this week,” said Hardeman County Superintendent of Highways Casey Swift. “But won’t actually start any physical work until April 22.”
According to Swift, it will start with concrete walkways near the courthouse down to Maxwell’s. There are three handicapped walkways that were not up to par and they will re-do those.”
Swift, who attended a meeting with the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) a few weeks back, said the plan was to re-route traffic around the areas.
Swift added this is not a project of the Hardeman County Highway Department.
“This is all TDOT, but I have been in on meetings so that I am aware of what they are doing.”
TDOT estimates the job will be complete August 31.