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New Superintendent Expected January 1

The Hardeman County School Board finalized most of the plans for leadership at the top for the remainder of 2021 in their July 22 meeting.
With the resignation of Superintendent Warner Ross II effective September 30, the board moved up their deadline for resumes to September 15, from the original date of September 30. The list of qualifications and deadlines is on A6 and on the Hardeman County Schools website.
The board plans to interview the top four candidates beginning in October, and vote on the new superintendent in their November meeting.
The new superintendent will start, January 1, 2022, barring any delays.
One thing in the works, but not yet finalized or official is Ross’ replacement from October 1-December 31. It is believed Bobby Doyle will be brought back to serve as the interim for the period. Doyle most recently served as interim director from the fall of 2019 until Ross returned from military service the following year. Doyle’s service was marked by one of the most challenging years in recent memory for the schools, as COVID-19 made its appearance in the spring of 2020.
Doyle’s almost 40 years of service to the county schools has seen him teach at Bolivar Elementary School, act as assistant principal for five years and principal of the school for 15 years before moving to the school board about the time Ross became superintendent.
The vote in November will be multiple ballots if necessary to gain a 2/3 majority for one candidate as the low vote-getter will be eliminated in each round.
Nine years ago, Ross got six of the nine votes on the first ballot to gain the position. One of the three not tallied for Ross was Beverly Bodiford, who voted for Doyle. The other two votes, by then-board members Ricky Griggs and Larry Williams, went to Jerry Woods of Jackson.

Doyle Expected to Be Interim