Joy Indicted for Theft

An investigation by the Tennessee Comptroller’s Office has resulted in the indictment of Bolivar City Councilman Jonathan Joy alleging he overbilled Hardeman County for the sale and installation of five air conditioning units.
Joy, who is the owner of Joy Heating & Air, was hired to install new air conditioners at multiple county facilities between August 2017 and June 2018.
Investigators determined that Joy installed air conditioners that were rated for less tonnage than what the county ordered, and then billed the county for products with more tonnage. For example, in January 2018, Joy installed a 6-ton air conditioning unit at the Hardeman County Health Department, and then invoiced the county for a higher priced 7.5-ton product.
Investigators determined that Joy overbilled the county $1,609 for the sale and installation of five air conditioning units.
This week, Joy was indicted by the Hardeman County Grand Jury on one count of theft over $1,000 and one count of official misconduct. He was arrested May 7, posted bond, and was released.
A initial court date of May 9 was listed on the arrest report.
In April, Joy was elected as the Chairman of the Hardeman County Democratic Party.
Joy, who was elected to city council in 2017, will be up for re-election in 2021. If convicted, Joy would be removed from the council, according to the City of Bolivar charter.