Four Elected to City Council

Victories for the two incumbents and two open slots were filled as the Bolivar City Council set their panel for the next two years.
The closest race of the election was Carol B. Spinks, who won 60% of the vote in defeating Lajuana Polk in District A, Position 1, while the other open slot was the biggest landslide of the night as Larry Crawford defeated Barbara Jean Fitzhugh, winning 82% of the vote.
Spinks will replace Tommy Woods on the council, while Crawford takes the seat held by Tracy Byrum, who served two terms as city councilwoman.
The incumbents also had a relatively easy time as Todd N. Lowe beat Jimmy Howell and Daisy M. Harvey. Lowe, who will begin his third term on July 1, won 61% of the vote.
Larry McKinnie, Sr., currently the longest serving councilman on the council, received 79% of the vote in defeating Donell Polk, Jr. McKinnie will begin his 13th year on the council when the panel is sworn in on July 1.