Dispatch to Move from HCCJC

Hardeman County Dispatchers will have a new working space soon as the Hardeman County 911 Board elected to move dispatch from the Hardeman County Criminal Justice Center to a new building that will adjoin the current Hardeman County 911 business office.
Previously a part of the sheriff’s budget, the Hardeman County 911 Board will now oversee dispatch, according to Hardeman County Mayor Jimmy Sain.
“The county didn’t have a 911 dispatch center,” said Sain. “So they asked the sheriff’s department if they could use the reception of the criminal justice center. But it’s too small. They can’t heat and cool it properly. And people come in with business and questions for the sheriff’s department. Dispatch should be away from everybody so they can do their job. People’s lives may be at stake. They shouldn’t be interrupted. Also, no one entity should be in charge of dispatch,” said Sain. “it needs to be independent, an independent agency that everyone contributes to.”
Sain added that both Hardeman County Sheriff John Doolen and the City of Bolivar, who have paid $150,000 per year, but will now pay approximately 35% of costs, have been part of the discussions.