County Rescue Squad Hosts Training at Ames Plantation

The Hardeman County Rescue Squad along with the Tennessee Association of Rescue Squads (TARS) Rescue College helda Farm and Heavy Equipment Extrication class at Ames Plantation August 11-13. Forty students and eleven instructors ranging from ten different counties throughout Tennessee came together to get hands on, real-world training in situations and hazards related to farm and heavy equipment accidents, who may have not been in a similar rescue situation before. The 19 scenarios set up during the two-day training were duplications of unfortunate incidents that have happened within the state of Tennessee. Breaking off into four different teams, and changing up team members on day two gave everyone the opportunity to work with different points of view on how to best save a victim when time is of the essence. Identifying hazards such as fertilizers, pesticides, silos, rescuing someone trapped under a hay baler, safely extricating someone who had fallen into a combine, figuring out the soundest way to remove a body that had been run over by a bulldozer, saving a body from a fence post auger accident, and the stabilization of tractor overturns and possible equipment disassembly were just some of the subjects covered.
Two skill refresher stations over new stabilization equipment, patient packaging techniques with various devices, along with a 4-hour classroom session on Friday night made at the Hardeman County Rescue Squad building, made this a course no one wanted to miss. For the most part, squads who attended are all non-profit, volunteer groups who donate their own time to bettering their rescuing abilities.

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