Bus Route Changes for Hardeman County

For the 2017-2018 School Year, Hardeman County Schools is making some changes to Bus Route #55. The students that have been assigned to Bus #55 will ride either Bus #59 or Bus #6. Students zoned for Bolivar, who live on Mecklinburg Drive between Highway 64 and Thompson Bottom Lane, will ride Bus #6. High School students, zoned for Bolivar Central High School, that live on Mecklinburg Drive, between Thompson Bottom Lane and Whiteville-Newcastle Road will be picked up by Bus #59. In addition, high school students, zoned for Bolivar Central High School, who live on Union Springs Road, and Murphy Lane, will also be picked up by Bus #59. These high school students will ride Bus #50 from Whiteville Elementary School to Bolivar Central High School. Students should be ready to catch the bus a few minutes earlier than normal until you know when the bus will be arriving at your stop. If you have questions regarding these changes, please call the bus garage at 658-3444.