Building Broadband Begins

Building Broadband Begins

Bolivar Energy Authority (BEA) and Aeneas Internet and Telephone have begun building and expanding a Gigabit fiber network to bring Broadband communications within the BEA service area.

With the construction of a 100% fiber, high-speed broadband network already underway, BEA will begin to build with the goal of beginning to serve customers by late fall 2022.

“We conducted surveys throughout the territory, and the response was overwhelming. The community is starved for reliable and affordable internet service, and that’s what we are going to provide.” said Tony Kirk President / CEO of Bolivar Energy Authority. “Today we are announcing that BEA is planning to fulfill that demand, by building a completely fiber-optic Smart Grid Communications Network, capable of bringing affordable, reliable, fiber optic Broadband internet to all BEA’s service territory. We are excited to continue our great working relationship with Aeneas Internet and Telephone to aid in this fiber project and to get our customers connected. I would like to thank BEA’s Board of Directors, Mr. Todd Lowe, Mrs. LeAnne Shelton, Mr. Earnest Jones, Mr. Elmer Cobb, and Dr. Frank Wilhite for all their support. Also, BEA’s staff, Randy Plunk, Steve Herriman, Mark Gooch, and Mike McKinnie are due a big thank you for all their tireless work on the decision to move forward. Special thanks also go to Rep. Johnny Shaw, Rep. Ron M. Gant, and Sen. Page Walley for their support in making this project possible. It is going to take a lot of hard work and a lot of patience from the community to get this project finished, but from all of us at BEA, we are committed 100%.”

Together, BEA and Aeneas will expand broadband service to over 15,000 rural homes and businesses in Hardeman County and the surrounding counties.

“What a great day for West Tennessee and the people within the Bolivar Energy Authority area!” said Stephen Thorpe, CEO of Aeneas Internet and Telephone. “For many years now, we have worked on various fiber projects with BEA, providing internet services to commercial locations in and around Bolivar. This project will expand those fiber services to include both residential and business customers alike. We’ve seen first-hand how reliable, affordable broadband solutions can impact the community. We look forward to helping BEA deliver that same best-in-class service to their customers right here in West Tennessee and bridge the digital divide.”