A whole hog was the main course for the first camp at the Lone Oaks 4-H and Rural Conference Center of Tennessee.

Lone Oaks 4-H holds first camp

The Lone Oaks 4-H and Rural Conference Center of Tennessee held its first camp on Thursday, October 8, and Friday, October 9, with close to 40 campers in attendance.
“By all accounts, the first weekend was a success,” Gary Rodgers, 4-H Agent for Hardeman County said. “The kids had a blast.”
Campers attended classes in engineering (building catapults and mini cross bows) Robotics, and Fishery, which allowed the campers to learn about different species of fish. For dinner, campers were treated to a whole hog barbecue dinner, where host explained the process of how their dinner got to the table.
“One of our goals is to introduce the kids to agriculture, which is why we served the pig the way we did,” Dr. Ben West, Director of Lone Oaks Farm said. “We are planning to do this for every camp.”
Several guests, including Hardeman County Mayor Jimmy Sain were in attendance for the first camp dinner.
“This is a historic event for our county, and I am glad that I could be here with the kids,” Sain said.
After dinner on Thursday night, the kids took a night hike, where they explored the sky, as well as nighttime creatures. On Friday morning, they studied about solar energy before heading home.

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