Ghostly Times 101

For the past several weeks, I have been talking about ghosts and paranormal activity. I know that people know what ghosts are, but just what really is considered paranormal activity? Well, paranormal means something that is beyond the range of normal experience or scientific explanation. Activity has many definitions, but for this instance, it means a specific deed or action. When you combine the two, paranormal activity would be a deed or action that occurs outside the scope of a person’s normal experience with no logical (scientific) explanation.
 Most statistics show that 90 to 95 percent of all paranormal activity actually has a logical explanation; it just takes some investigation to figure it out. Old water heaters and pipes can make soft gurgling noises that sound like someone talking or murmuring. Loose boards or the house settling at night can sound like someone walking when it is actually the wood shrinking and expanding from heat and humidity. As a house ages and the foundation settles, doors can shift and no longer latch properly. When vibrations occur from heavy traffic, 18-wheelers going by or even a train down the road, the door could pop open and look as if an unseen person has opened it.

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