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Hello to all!  Well the weather sure felt nice this past weekend.  I know everyone is glad to see a little fall like weather coming around.  It will be next week before I can tell you anything abou

Grand Junction

Greetings, Grand Junction!  What a fabulous week we’ve had so far at First Baptist Church.  Our last revival service will be held tonight at 7 p.m.  If you haven’t made it there yet, we invite you


Hello from Toone! Well, it looks as if September is well underway, and we are now on a direct collision course with the busy, crazy holiday season.


Happy birthday wishes for September go to Joshua Bryant, September 8; Zach Kretschman, September 12; Annette Lowrance, September 12; Joshua Dickey, September 13; Devin Holloway, September 26; Charl