July 29, 2014

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The wait for Girl Scout cookies is over PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jennifer Smeltser   
Wednesday, January 09, 2013 6:24 AM

For some, it was the longest one-year wait ever until the weekend of January 5 arrived, which was the kick-off of the cookie season for the Girl Scouts. Yes, they are back: Thin Mints, Samoas®/Caramel deLites®, Tagalongs®/Peanut Butter Patties®, Trefoils™/Shortbread,  Lemonades™, Thanks-A-Lot®, Dulce de Leche, Mango Cremes™, Thank U Berry Munch™ and Do-si-dos®/Peanut Butter Sandwich, which may motivate some into song. The 2012 commemorative cookie that marked the 100th anniversary of Girl Scouts USA, Savannah Smiles®, also makes a return. Savannah Smiles®, which is a “crisp, zesty lemon wedge cookie dusted with powdered sugar,” is similar in taste to the Lemon Cooler, which was retired a few years ago by the Girl Scouts.
This year, the Girl Scouts is releasing a new cookie box design. National Girl Scout Cookie Day will be held on Friday, February 8 to celebrate the release. On that day, emphasis will be given to the five skills – “goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills and business ethics” – the girls learn from participating in the annual cookie sales. From the new information on the box, you will be able to learn some facts about the organization, what the girls do as members and their experiences, the sustainability efforts of Girl Scouts and more.
There is even a Girl Scout Cookies App available to help you locate your favorite cookie since all troops may not have all varieties available for purchase in your area.
The Girl Scouts has been tempting palates with their delicious cookies since the early 1900s. The baking in family kitchens by mothers and daughters, who were scouts, and selling of cookies as a fundraising effort continues to bring in financial support for the organization. Although the baking is now managed by professional companies like ABC Bakers and Little Brownie Bakers, the support that sales provide to troops still has a positive impact on the lives of its members.
“The money we raise from cookie sales at the troop level is what supports the troop for most of the year. It is used to help purchase supplies, badges and plan activities for the girls to participate in,” said Girl Scout Service Manager for Hardeman County and Toone Troop Leader Buffy Porch. “Most of the troops plan a year-end trip and cookie sales help offset some of those expenses. We try to do things and go places with the girls where they might not otherwise be able to go. Some of the girls have never been out of the state before.”
Currently, there are three troops in the county that include Toone, Bolivar and Middleton with more than 50 active girl members and 25 active adult members. The Girl Scouts was founded by Juliette Gordon Low in 1912 in Savannah, Georgia (hence, the Savannah Smiles® cookie). Low hoped to give girls the tools they needed to build character, confidence and strength to enable them to make a positive impact on the world.
“The Girl Scout Cookie Program supports girls in their development of leadership skills and so much more. Every time you support girls through the Girl Scout Cookie Program, you are increasing girls’ abilities to make the world a better place in your own community,” said Jenny Jones, Girl Scout Heart of the South (GSHS) Director of Marketing and Communications.
Porch’s 12 year-old daughter, Madison, is a Girl Scout just as her mother was when she was growing up. Buffy remembers how she benefited as a member and sees how her daughter has grown too.
“We have fun, but there is also a lot of learning. We support each other. It is like a sisterhood,” said Porch.
The local troops are always accepting new girl members and welcome responsible and trustworthy adult volunteers to join them as well.
If you would like to support the Hardeman County Girl Scouts, then now is the time and your reward will be to munch on some delicious cookies. Pre-ordering has begun and cookies will arrive in February with booth sales being held at Maxwell’s, Tractor Supply Company and Walmart on Saturday, February 23.  
“I love Thin Mints,” said Porch when asked about her favorite cookie. “The best seller in Hardeman County is Samoas®.”
If you do not already have a favorite, then visit www.girlscouts.org/ to learn all about the delicious flavors (and their nutrition facts) that are available this year. If after reading about them and you are still unsure, then just buy one box of each to better help you come to a decision.
To find out what cookies are available in your area and to pre-order, contact GSHS local council troops led by Buffy Porch in Toone at (901) 490-8083; Kim Brasher in Middleton at (731) 609-0237; or Lori Arnold in Bolivar at (731) 435-9687. You may also visit the GSHS local council troop website at www.girlscoutshs.org/ to make a donation.


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