July 23, 2014

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Mayes manhunt continues after two bodies are identified PDF Print E-mail
Written by Amelia Carlson   
Wednesday, May 09, 2012 2:20 AM

The manhunt has accelerated for Adam Mayes, a person of interest in the disappearance of a local mother and her children, after two bodies were located this weekend on his family members' property in Mississippi and his wife and mother were charged as co-conspirators in the crimes.
Mayes, 36, of Guntown, MS, was identified as a person of interest last week in the disappearances of Jo Ann “Jodi” Bain and three of her children, Alexandria, 12, Kyliyah, 8, and Adrienne, 14. The Bain family members were reported missing in Hardeman County April 27.
Mayes disappeared sometime after providing authorities with a statement April 29, which, according to Hardeman County Sheriff John Doolen, contained inaccurate information and resulted in a warrant being issued for filing a false report.

By his own admission during his first interview with investigators, Mayes was the last person to see the four missing persons prior to their disappearance.

On May 4, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) located two bodies buried in the back yard of the home of the wife and mother of Adam Mayes in Alpine, MS during the execution of federal search warrants. Mayes’ wife, Teresa, 30, and his mother, Mary Mayes, 65, were arrested May 6 and are being held in the Hardeman County Criminal Justice Center. They are charged with four counts of conspiracy to commit especially aggravated kidnapping.

Two members of Jo Ann Bain's family said her mother was notified May 5 by the medical examiner that the bodies discovered were that of Jo Ann Bain and her 14 year-old daughter, Adrienne Bain.  The FBI confirmed the identities of the bodies late Monday night, May 7. They believe the two younger girls are still with Mayes.

According to affidavits of complaint against Teresa and Mary Mayes filed May 6, Adam Mayes dug the graves of Jo Ann and Adrienne Bain on April 27.

In the process of searching for Mayes, it was discovered that Mayes had rented a trailer in Union County, MS. A search of that trailer disclosed property of Alexandria and Kyliyah Bain.

Interviews with Mayes’ mother and wife disclosed that on or about April 27, Adam Mayes was seen digging in his mother’s back yard. During a non-custodial interview with Teresa Mayes, she admitted to TBI agents that she was involved with the removal and confinement of the Bain family from Hardeman County, and to driving a vehicle containing the victims from Hardeman County to Union County, MS.

Adam Mayes’ mother, Mary Mayes, was also charged with conspiracy for “promoting or facilitating” the crime.

Authorities continued digging in the yard Monday where the bodies were located on Friday, and Mississippi State Troopers were conducting vehicle searches at roadblocks. U.S. Marshals from Memphis arrived to aid in the search. 

The 2000 Dodge Durango Jo Ann Bain was believed to have been driving the day she disappeared was located April 30 less than three miles from their home in a field on Herron Road.

The children have been entered with the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) which has a 97 percent recovery rate as of 2011. Their photos and information have already been posted on the NCMEC website and fliers have been printed and distributed.

Mayes, alias Paco Rodrigass or Christopher Zachery Wylde, now has outstanding warrants for especially aggravated kidnapping and filing a false report. With the discovery and identification of the two bodies, other charges may be pending.

Mayes was a family friend and former neighbor of the Bain family. Pictures indicate Mayes was closely bonded to the Bain girls, with Kyliyah and Adrienne even listing him as a brother on their Facebook pages.

“The now-wanted kidnapper that betrayed this family’s trust over several years’ time actually assisted Gary Bain with loading the truck for the move the same night of JoAnn’s disappearance,” said Brenda
Foster, Bain family friend. Mayes was last reportedly seen on May 6 in Dumas, MS.

Authorities believe Mayes may have altered the appearance of Alexandria and Kyliyah Bain by cutting their hair and dying it, and that he has cut his own hair short.

The FBI Mobile Command Center was set up in front of the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) office in Jackson, TN on Saturday and the FBI has now taken jurisdiction of the case. The finding of the two
bodies led investigators to issue an Amber Alert for the three missing children. Jo Ann Bain was listed on the alert but removed on May 5. Adrienne Bain was removed on May 7.

“The fact that these two bodies were found at this location led the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation to issue Amber Alerts that stated that we believe that the children were in extreme danger,” said FBI
Supervisory Special Agent Joel Siskovic, who now leads the investigation.

Authorities are still trying to determine if Jo Ann Bain went with Mayes willingly. Agents from the TBI searched the property of the Bain home on Sunday, which included the garage and back yard.

“She (Jo Ann Bain) was a good mother and she was a good person. She wouldn’t have left here in the middle of the night without so much as a toothbrush or the kids’ medication,” Gary Bain, father of the missing children, said May 1. “She had plenty of time to pack whatever she wanted and leave if she wanted. We have three vehicles here, and all three are in her name. She could’ve took whatever she wanted.”

Mayes has been added to the TBI’s Top Ten Most Wanted and the FBI and United States Marshals Services (USMS) are offering a reward of up to $50,000 for information leading to the location of Mayes and the missing children. Mayes has ties to Arizona, Texas, North Carolina, South Carolina and Florida in addition to Mississippi and Tennessee.

Alexandria and Kyliyah Bain have not been seen since April 27 and are considered to be in extreme danger. Authorities urge anyone with information regarding this case to contact them at 1-800-TBI-FIND.

“It is our goal to find these girls and bring them home alive,” Siskovic said May 5.     


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